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Do you wish you had more hours in the day?

Have you forgotten what it is like to be rested

and to feel good in your skin?

Do you feel selfish if you think about taking time

out for yourself?

I see you. I've been there.


Coaching and Yoga

to reclaim your best self

and to live a balanced life


Are you responsible for the wellbeing of others? Does most of your energy go toward caring for others in your family or in your work? Are you left with very little time for yourself? I work with caregivers who feel crushed by the weight of responsibility.


My coaching programs are designed to find practical solutions for those who are spread thin, feel like they are constantly dropping the ball, have zero time for themselves and who are utterly exhausted. These programs recognize the difficult emotions that can come from being a caregiver. 

I have been there. I was the caregiver for my husband for several years following a serious car accident that left him with physical and cognitive disabilities. In a split second, I became his sole caregiver and the single parent of our two young daughters. I existed in survival mode for two years after the accident, suffered caregiver burnout and felt a sense of helplessness I never thought possible.


By the third year, we were starting to find our groove again and our younger daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. That came with a steep learning curve, fear, sadness, frustration and many sleepless nights. 


I know what it’s like to feel anger and guilt, to feel completely alone and powerless to change anything. My family has come a long way. My husband and I have come a long way as a couple. I've come a long way as a person. I feel compelled to be a supportive force for those in similar situations.

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Maybe you’ve already tried other programs.


Maybe you think you couldn’t possibly add another “to do” to your list and feel like laughing yourself right off my website. I urge you to keep reading…let me frame this for you.

After working with me, don’t be surprised when you: 

  • rekindle that spark that used to be yours

  • drop the guilt over the resentment and anger you might be feeling

  • disengage from the “should’s” that trap you in a vicious cycle of frustration, sadness, hopelessness and more guilt

  • have happier relationships

  • make time for your own needs


You may have heard the expression “you can’t pour from an empty cup”. You wouldn’t be the first to get stuck in a mindset where your life is happening to you. Try as you may, you simply cannot gain control. I’m here to reach for that steering wheel with you. I hate to say it - but I will because I know it’s true - you cannot keep going this way forever. If you don’t make a change, nothing will change.

Why my programs?


It’s not just about my personal experience.


I am a Coach that practices the Integral Coaching Method, which is rooted in the psychology of change and views the person in a holistic manner. I'm also a Registered Yoga Teacher with additional training in teaching mindfulness meditation.

Let’s face it, change isn’t easy. Our beliefs, perceptions and behaviours need to be understood and acknowledged before change can take place. Change can be uncomfortable at first. It needs to be practiced. It needs accountability. It needs compassion when we slip up and dust ourselves off and try again.


If you're ready to make a change in your life, I am here to be in your corner every step of the way. 


Find out if my services are right for you.

Schedule your free 30 minute consultation.





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Are you on Facebook? I moderate a private group called

Care for Caregivers.

You can access it here. I'd love to have you join!

Access my Free
Guide to Reading Your Energy

You know those days when you're trying to do something but it's taking way longer than it should? You're struggling with your "to do" list and can't quite get traction? How does that feel? 

Perhaps you have some tasks that are incredibly important but you find yourself procrastinating? This Guide will help you identify which factors impact your energy levels with a view to determine when you're in the optimal state to address the tasks that are more involved or require more focus. By selecting the right task at the right moment for you, you'll spend less time spinning your wheels and be in a better position to maintain a healthier reserve of energy.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

I would love to hear from you.

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