The Renewal Program

Spa Stones

Are you at your wit's end? Do you feel as though you need to make significant changes and have no idea where to start? The Renewal Program may be your best choice.

This Program is designed to overhaul thinking patterns by providing fresh insights and developing new capabilities. Practice, practice, practice is key and this Program certainly provides a way to sustain changes. 

This Program includes:

(total of 24 weeks)

  • One Intake Conversation where we discuss your topic, why it matters, the circumstances surrounding it and I learn more about you. This conversation lasts between 1 and 1.5hours.

  • One Offer Conversation where I propose the components of your coaching program. This is where we work together to tailor these components to your needs so that it resonates deeply. You will also receive your first exercise during this call. It lasts roughly 1 hour.

  • Ten Cycles of Development Conversations, each roughly one hour in length where we discuss practical experience, anchor learning and develop the next steps.

  • One Closing Conversation, of roughly one hour where we discuss progress and plan for going forward beyond the coaching program.