Do you long to feel rested? To feel as though you're in control of your time? Maybe to even spend some of that time caring for yourself?

My Coaching Programs are built for caregivers who are depleted and feel alone and helpless to change their current day-to-day tasks. I assist them in finding practical solutions to their challenges and in managing the difficult emotions that come from being in the caregiving role.

You might be thinking "how on earth can I fit this into my already jam-packed schedule?" That's such a valid concern. I hear you. Let me ask you this: how much longer can you keep going like this? How long are you going to choose to live your life feeling this way? I know that admitting you need things to change can be scary. I assure you that there are better days ahead though. If you are willing to commit to making a change, I am willing to walk alongside you during this journey.


First, I've been there. I lived in survival mode after my husband's accident for two whole years. Then, one year after that, our younger daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and we were once again, thrown into a period of change, fear and unknown. I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed. I recognize the scenery, I bought the t-shirt.


Yoga and meditation helped me tremendously. That doesn't mean that you need to like or even want to try yoga. That's not my only tool! I studied the Integral Coaching Method, which takes into account the whole person in order to better support meaningful and lasting change. 

If you're looking to transform your current situation, to reclaim your sense of self and that spark of joy, I'd love to hear from you. Book your free 30-minute consultation call. 



"It is difficult to put into words how grateful I am for my profound experience working with Julie. She is so empathetic, very insightful, and truly has a gift for coaching. The tools and practices I acquired are life changing as well as sustainable. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone wishing to make real and lasting changes in their life. Thank you, Julie!"

Jen P., Almonte

Have a look at my coaching programs here. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.