The following Coaching programs are available and designed to meet your needs. 


In this one-on-one coaching experience, we will explore your coaching topic and why it deeply matters to you. Areas to address may include your inner dialogue, your core values and those limiting beliefs that perpetuate a cycle of frustration and discontent. We will build objectives and develop strategies to help you achieve your goals in a lasting way.

This program includes six one-on-one conversations, each occurring roughly every two weeks. You will complete this program with a set of tools that build on your existing strengths and that will help you meet challenges in a more self-compassionate way. 

Investment: $1500*

A Tower of Stones
Spa Stones


We will dive deep into those elements that are keeping you feeling "stuck". We will get really curious about those thoughts and behavioural patterns that no longer serve you. With regular practice, we will expand your capabilities to nurture yourself and your relationships in a way that does not sacrifice your wellbeing. We will explore what boundaries look like for you. With regular exercises and one-on-one coaching sessions, roughly every two weeks, we will anchor learning and change in a lasting way.


Investment: $3000*

FILL MY CUP PROGRAM - 16 weeks Hybrid

This program is designed for caregivers who have limited free time and who need targeted yet flexible support. This program combines learning, one-on-one coaching, online group coaching sessions and community and support via a private group for those in the program.

You will receive practical training and strategies that you can implement right away, as well as insights into your own limiting beliefs and behavioural ruts and how to address them. With three one-on-one coaching conversations and weekly group coaching through our private Facebook group, you will be well supported to shift your habits. You will also receive a digital workbook with all you need to anchor learning and to support continuing to move forward beyond the program.

Investment: $1695*

Cup of Tea

*Payment plans are available for Coaching Programs. Please reach out and we will find one that suits you.