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What is coaching?

Coaching is a working alliance between the Coach and the Client. It is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the Client to maximize their potential. The Coach offers the Client a new perspective on a goal or working topic. Through a number of practices, the Client develops and strengthens new capabilities that are required to meet their goal and to maintain that change over time.

How is coaching different than counselling?

Coaching and counselling differ in both their objectives and methods. 

Coaching is a co-creative process between the Coach and the Client. The Integral Coaching Method looks at the whole individual with their strengths, perceptions and abilities in the present moment and moving forward. A Coaching program will identify a specific goal and work toward developing the capabilities the Client needs to reach that goal. Although participation in a coaching program may lead to increased feelings of wellness for the Client, coaching does not focus on improving mental or physical health. 

How is coaching different than speaking to a friend?

The relationship between a Coach and Client is based on a mutually-agreed outcome, which is working toward a specific goal. A Coach’s role is to provide objective assessments and to invite the Client to explore new perspectives and reflections. The Coach will offer exercises and practices to develop and strengthen new “muscles” that are needed to reach the desired outcome and to maintain that change beyond the coaching program.



What kinds of topics can we explore?

Coaching can be beneficial in personal and professional areas. A coaching topic is something that deeply matters to you in the present moment. It may be something that you long for, something that you need and that you have struggled to attain on your own. You may struggle with figuring out what steps are needed to reach that goal. The Coach will therefore offer new perspectives and assist in developing new capabilities to reach that topic.


What typically happens during a coaching session?

The Coaching relationship is one of co-creation. It is an open and honest discussion that focusses on a topic and how to reach a desired goal. It is important that the coaching program and all its components deeply resonate with the Client. Therefore, a coaching session will generally focus on the Client sharing their experience and what they’ve learned since the previous session. The Coach will endeavour to offer new perspectives and ask though-provoking questions. Exercises or practices will be discussed and co-developed to create new or to enhance existing capabilities needed to meet developmental objectives.


How much work will I have to do in between sessions?

Self-observation and reflection is important when working toward a lasting change. Daily exercises help to highlight and solidify learning. That said, the Coach will work with the Client to ensure that practices fit within their day-to-day obligations. 


How do I know how many sessions are needed for me to reach my objective?

There are a number of factors to consider, including the complexity of your topic, your commitment to reaching it and the time you can dedicate to learning and anchoring that learning. The best course of action is to discuss this with me. Book a free, no-obligation call with me and we can determine what might work best for your topic.


My question isn’t listed here. Where can I get more answers?

Please do not hesitate to contact me. You can email me or book a free call with me. I would be happy to answer your questions.

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