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Are you new to yoga? Or a seasoned student? I have been practicing yoga consistently for more than fifteen years and I am still learning so much about this practice and about myself. 

My objective, as a teacher, is to create a safe space for you to tune in to your body and spirit in a way that permits growth and restoration. Yoga has been a tremendous source of support in my life and I am honoured and humbled to share that with others.


You can find me in studio

at Yogatown, in Stittsville


Are you intimidated by yoga? Do you wish you knew more BEFORE going to a class so you knew what to expect? Watch my video for practical tips and a description of a few poses too. Feel free to reach out if you'd rather discuss. Remember, I LOVE talking about yoga and would be happy to chat with you.


"I really enjoyed your classes because of your music and calming voice you used during the yoga practice. I felt great during and after class because you made us feel good about our bodies. I have had many surgeries that limit my movement and you always gave alternative movements. The calming music and essential oils in class just made it great for sleep that night."

Marg B., Stittsville, Ontario

"I’ve tried a few different online Yoga classes over the last year or so and Julie’s classes have been my favourite by far, especially her Yin/Yang class. Her comfortable, friendly demeanor makes you feel instantly comfortable and at ease. She has a way of talking you through the class that makes you feel calm and also strong, regardless of your skill level or experience. Her classes are easy to follow and offer a great mix of variety each week, as well as some consistency that allows you to build on your skills and practice the poses that you most enjoy or that challenge you. It is an hour of self-care time that I always look forward to."

Margo R., Kanata, Ontario

"That was great! My first time able to join and it was perfect. 

To paraphrase you : “doesn’t matter how poorly you balanced, it matters that you took the time to focus on yourself today. Thanks Julie!"

Tom L., Ottawa, Ontario

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