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The Fill My Cup Program

Cup of Tea

Are you a caregiver who is stretched so thin that you feel like you aren't really doing anything right anymore? Are you exhausted and yet feel helpless to change anything? 

I developed this program with you in mind. I know from experience just how difficult it can be to break out of that rut and to make a change. Change requires energy and caregivers often have very little of that left over at the end of the day. 


This hybrid program provides practical training and strategies that you can implement right away. It addresses insights into your own limiting beliefs and behaviours and how to address them. There is also a lot of support with one-on-one and group coaching as well as peer support via a member community. Fill My Cup will set you on the right track to living a more balanced life.

This Program includes:

(total of 16 weeks)

  • Eight learning modules and exercises to anchor learning and change on the topics below 

  • Three one-on-one coaching sessions of one hour in length each - after Module 2, Module 5 and Module 8

  • A digital workbook with exercises and all you need to record notes, observations and progress

  • Weekly group coaching sessions via a dedicated private online group

  • Peer support and community via a members-only group

  • An accountability plan and key resources to keep you moving forward beyond the program.

Program Outline:

  • ​Module 1: Shining the Light

    • An introduction to the program

    • An exploration of ​common emotions for caregivers

    • A self-observation practice

    • An affirmation to support you during this module

  • Module 2: Canceling my Subscription to Auto-Pilot

    • Cultivating the pause between stimulus and feelings by disrupting automatic thoughts

    • Exploring what you can truly control

    • A grounding practice and journaling

    • An affirmation to help call to mind learning

One-on-One Coaching Session #1

  • Module 3: What's my Theme Song?​​

    • Identifying Core Values and Limiting Beliefs​
    • Discussion about the 3 "P's" - Perfectionism, Procrastination and Petrification of Failure
    • Practice to identify and release those values and beliefs that may no longer serve you
    • Affirmation 

  • Module 4: (Cue Justin Timberlake) I'm bringing Artsy back! Yeah!

    • An exploration of those fun activities that are generally abandoned with childhood ​
    • Connecting to your creativity
    • Defining compassion, kindness, selflessness and untenability
    • Practice to inject joy into day to day life
    • Affirmation

  • Module 5: Building a Strong Foundation

    • Identifying productive and healthy habits, behaviours and coping mechanisms​
    • Fast self-care tips for limited free time
    • Practice to set you up for success
    • Affirmation

One-on-One Coaching Session #2

  • Module 6: Building Balance

    • Establishing boundaries​
    • Learning to say no
    • Learning to ask for help
    • Practice to reinforce key concepts
    • Affirmation

  • Module 7: Strengthening the Balance Muscle

    • Adopting a growth mindset
    • Choosing positivity
    • Becoming your own biggest advocate
    • Practice to reflect on toolkit this far
    • Affirmation

  • Module 8: Planning and Accountability

    • Setting the stage​
    • Identifying upcoming challenges beyond this program
    • Collating and anchoring all lessons and tools to date
    • Practice to cement accountability and plan for the next twelve months
    • Closing affirmation

One-on-One Coaching Session #3

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